Maximize the number of toys that can be purchased68.2% Easy Free
String pattern matching84.0% Easy Free
Fix student name string matching challenge84.0% Medium Free
Group dealing with a mission array coding challenge75.0% Medium Premium
Word association game string question84.0% Easy Premium
Arrange files in ascending order84.0% Medium Premium
Programming language project0% Medium Free
Special type of musical instrument84.0% Easy Premium
Minimum time for production62.5% Medium Premium
To solve math problem84.0% Medium Premium
Make two strings alike.84.0% Easy Premium
arrange wooden sticks84.0% Hard Premium
Make group of three numbers0% Medium Free
Curzon Number84.0% Easy Premium
Peter and the job84.0% Hard Premium
Assignment and Deletions84.0% Easy Premium
The name of the new product83.3% Medium Premium
Minimum distance between the Places84.0% Medium Premium
Team selection84.0% Medium Premium
Max Min84.0% Medium Premium
Dying Plants84.0% Hard Premium
Bubble Sorting0% Easy Free
Making Anagrams0% Easy Free
Minimum Differences84.0% Easy Premium
Modulus of Subarrays84.0% Hard Premium
Deci-Binary0% Medium Free
Flipping bits84.0% Easy Premium
Primality Test84.0% Medium Premium
Kelvin Climbs84.0% Medium Premium
Count the Triplets22.2% Easy Premium
Missing Element84.0% Easy Premium
Merging Two Arrays84.0% Hard Premium
Modify the Array84.0% Medium Premium
Power of Pair26.7% Medium Premium
Zeros, Ones and Twos 84.0% Easy Premium
Finding Leader84.0% Easy Premium
Reverse Sub-Array84.0% Easy Premium
Smallest at Position84.0% Medium Premium
Pythagoras84.0% Easy Premium
Left and Right84.0% Easy Premium
Zig-Zag84.0% Easy Premium
Last Index0% Easy Free
Possibilities0% Easy Free
Palindrome in String84.0% Medium Premium
Remove Adjacent Duplicates84.0% Medium Premium
Integer and Roman84.0% Easy Premium
Rotate the String0% Easy Free
Remove Similar Characters84.0% Easy Premium
Forming Palindrome84.0% Medium Premium
Sub string with Distinct Characters 60.0% Easy Premium
String to Integer (atoi)84.0% Medium Premium
Find the Index84.0% Easy Premium
Common Prefix0% Easy Free
Check for Brackets0% Medium Free
Bigger Element84.0% Medium Premium
Non-repeating Character0% Medium Free
Max from Subarray84.0% Medium Premium
Median in Stream0% Hard Free
Heap Sort84.0% Easy Premium
Reset Characters0% Medium Free
Several Ways84.0% Easy Premium
Designed Keyboard20.0% Easy Premium
Safe Position84.0% Easy Premium
Sorting by Frequency84.0% Medium Premium
0 Sum Subarray84.0% Easy Premium
Quadruple Sum77.8% Medium Premium
Swapping Elements0% Easy Free
Count Distinct Elements in Array84.0% Easy Premium
Divisible by X84.0% Easy Premium
Consecutive Sub-Sequence84.0% Medium Premium
Repeated Character84.0% Easy Premium
Sum Equal to 00% Medium Free
Same Characters 84.0% Easy Premium
Equality of Arrays0% Easy Free
Not Same Characters84.0% Easy Premium
Smallest Substring0% Medium Free
First Occuring Element0% Easy Free
Equal Frequency84.0% Easy Premium
Height of Towers84.0% Medium Premium
LRU Algorithm84.0% Medium Premium
Longest Subsequence84.0% Medium Premium
Longest Similar Subsequence84.0% Medium Premium
Increasing Subsequence Sum84.0% Medium Premium
Jump to Last84.0% Medium Premium
Partition of Array84.0% Medium Premium
Minimum Difference Subarray84.0% Hard Premium
Hopping Rabbit87.5% Easy Premium
Collect Coins84.0% Medium Premium
Common Supersequence84.0% Easy Premium
Element Appears Once84.0% Easy Premium
Search X Element84.0% Easy Premium
Binary Search84.0% Easy Premium
Merge Sort84.0% Medium Premium
X-th Element84.0% Medium Premium
Form IP Address From String84.0% Medium Premium
First Set Bit84.0% Easy Premium
Different Bit at Right84.0% Easy Premium
Toggle Bits84.0% Easy Premium
Flipping84.0% Easy Premium
Swap Odd and Even84.0% Easy Premium
Total Set Bits84.0% Medium Premium
Consecutive 1's84.0% Easy Premium
Sparse or Not84.0% Easy Premium
Maximum XOR84.0% Hard Premium
Index Difference66.7% Medium Premium
No Continuous 1's84.0% Medium Premium
Sum Closest to 084.0% Medium Premium
Positive Missing Number84.0% Medium Premium
Shorter URL84.0% Medium Premium
Ignore Repeating String84.0% Easy Premium
Do not Repeat Character20.0% Easy Premium
Common Character and Concatenate84.0% Easy Premium
Number of Swaps84.0% Medium Premium
Missing Positive Integer84.0% Hard Premium
Big Sum84.0% Expert Premium
Product array0% Expert Free
Add up to make equal84.0% Medium Free
Return product except one at [i]84.0% Expert Free
Lowest Positive Integer33.3% Expert Free
Ways message can be decoded90.9% Hard Free
largest sum of non-adjacent numbers. 33.3% Expert Free
Return string with given prefix84.0% Hard Free
Staircase Problem84.0% Expert Free
K-Longest Substring0% Expert Free
return the maximum values of subarray84.0% Expert Free
two-dimensional elevation84.0% Hard Free
distance between two strings84.0% Medium Free
palindrome of minimum length84.0% Hard Free
Segregate the values of the array84.0% Expert Free
non-duplicated integer84.0% Expert Free
counting the number of inversions84.0% Hard Free
stock prices of a company84.0% Medium Free
Maximum subarray sum84.0% Hard Free
index of the element in the array84.0% Hard Free
integer exponentiation0% Hard Premium
largest product84.0% Medium Free
sum up to exactly 1084.0% Medium Free
head of a singly linked list84.0% Medium Free
multiplication table84.0% Hard Premium
longest increasing subsequence84.0% Expert Free
division of two positive integers84.0% Hard Free
longest consecutive elements84.0% Hard Free
two prime numbers84.0% Medium Free
contiguous elements of the list84.0% Hard Free
Can we shift string A to string B?84.0% Medium Free