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  • FAANG Interview Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Do you have questions from Google / Facebook / Microsoft / Amazon?

We do have questions that are asked in an actual interview from a top-tier tech company. they're also among the tougher problems that are asked. We believe that it's better to be over prepared than underprepared.

2 I don't have a computer science degree. Should I still subscribe to JudoCoder?

The problems we provide are based on knowledge of data structures and algorithms, but you do not need a computer science degree to solve them. It just takes dedication and practice. However, you must be proficient in programming. If you've self-taught, graduated, or are currently participating in a coding bootcamp, it's absolutely perfect for your everyday coding challenges. This may be more difficult than a Computer Science major, but with enough effort and practice you will find yourself learning the necessary data structures and algorithms based on the problem.

4 Why not just learn by reading a book?

While some books really help you in learning data structures and algorithms, but they lack have a fundamental problem - you cannot practice the questions contained in them (and their variations) right away, you do not get any feedback of your code, and you do not learn how effective and performant is your code. is built to help you practice. Not just learn the code, you get the ability to perceive how your code is doing and how effective it is. The ability to visualise the code is much better, which helps with understanding and retention of the questions you will be working for. And of-course you can use JudoCoder with your favorite algorithms book.

5 How long should I spend solving each problem?

Each problem is designed so that it can be solved within an hour in a real-life interview.

6 Is JudoCoder really worth it?

The typical Google / Facebook / Microsoft / Amazon compensation for an inexperienced person is about $150,000 in total compensation (such as base salary, bonuses, and equity). Let's say you're 25% more likely to get a job by practicing at every day (which we believe to be true, if not more) for 2 months. And assuming that without education, you can hit $80,000 (typical development salary). You then paid $10 for an expected value of $17,500 (($150,000) * 25%), which equates to an ROI of almost 1000x! It's worth it, in our opinion.

7 What topics are covered?

You can choose from the following areas. However, the questions are selected with a distribution that is more consistent with what you will get in the actual interview.

  • Linked Lists
  • Randomization Algorithm
  • Functional Algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming and Backtracking
  • Array
  • Stack and Queue
  • String
  • Bit Manipulation

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